Training Solution

Corporate training (AIQ R3)

AI Quest has a learning platform in the form of customised programs which provide instructor- led classrooms and virtual training on industry relevant cutting-edge technologies; for example: Big Data, machine learning, cloud services, and knowledge workers, further enhancing their competitive edge. The training program is led by experienced Industry professionals.

IT Knowledge Workers/Professionals: (AiQB, Boost)

Courses are designed for professionals who seek to boost their career with industry relevant certifications and intensive hands on coding/administration experience in order to be productive from day one in their career.

Graduates: (AiQ EQ, Ed Quest)

AI Quesu provides comprehensive industry ready curriculum for the beginner to start an industry career along with necessary soft skills to begin professional life. The course material is constantly revamped to align with the needs of the industry and placement demands.

Courses We Offer