Explore Educate Execute Excel

Explore: We do painstaking research and groundwork to understand the client’s business; individual client needs are customised. Exploration often requires a gap analysis and road-map preparation based on the business needs of the organisation. The proprietary framework developed by AiQ founding partners help define the business requirements. AiQ also helps you rationalise the return on Big Data investment.
Educate: We provide a variety of training courses in the highly specialised areas of Big Data and AI.
Execute: We propagate a strong targeted employer brand while networking to a targeted high potential talent base and a broad global pool of industry leaders as part of the network. We provide trained resources who carry our trusted brand to fulfil your ideas to the implementation phase, while covering short term gaps both in skills and availability.`
Excel: We offer a complete solution from high end consulting assignments to staff augmentation, tailor made for each client. Implementation of these solutions leads to business excellence.  AiQ brings both technical and functional knowledge to the table, while reducing the business cost and saving precious time.
Our strong delivery focus and transparent engagement model is based on market insights and customer first approach. We are dedicated partners assigned to specific goal-based outcomes for full cycle solutions. AiQ offers industry partnerships and government affiliations as part of the service advantage embedded in all of our client solutions.