The AiQ Consulting team will help you prepare a Big Data Roadmap that is aligned with your corporate strategy, leveraging the value derived from AI and Big Data.

Gap Identification

The strategies used by Big Data has a direct impact on business excellence. Often, required data that impacts corporate performance does not even exist and captured data is not enough to start the initial analysis. The AiQ consulting team will help you understand the link between key performance indicators, corporate performance and the need for a comprehensive Big Data strategy.  Identifying the gap between the ideal and available data will lead towards an improved performance strategy benefitting various stakeholders.

Big Data RoadMap

Once a gap has been identified, the consulting team can help in the preparation of a roadmap that aligns with your own corporate strategy map. A Big Data road map will identify tangible and intangible measures combined with leading and lagging measures. A roadmap needs to clearly provide a causal relationship between the need to capture such data versus the impact on corporate performance.
In brief, the AiQ consulting team helps you understand the gap between your goals and existing systems and assists with preparation of the Big Data roadmap.

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